Our Approach

Capital is a commodity in today’s private equity market, but we are much more than an investor of capital. Liberty has built a thirteen-year track record as a trusted partner to middle-market managers, investors, and intermediaries – earned through a fair, responsive, and collaborative approach to creating value.

Experienced Partners – We provide strong management teams with strategic advice and financial support derived from more than a century of combined investment experience. Our professionals have successfully sourced, managed, and exited private equity investments through a range of economic cycles and market conditions. We faithfully honor our commitments and have developed a reputation with sellers and intermediaries as “closers”, and as fair, even-handed, strategic partners to management.

Equity Participation – We believe strongly in the alignment of interests through equity participation. We therefore provide extraordinary equity ownership opportunities for management, and each Liberty professional invests personally in every one of our investments.

Industry Focus – Liberty has completed more than 45 investments in niche manufacturing, business services, and education-related companies. Such focus, over a long history of private equity investing, provides us with a unique ability to evaluate new opportunities, conduct efficient and intelligent diligence, and apply our expertise to new portfolio investments.

Sector Support – Few industries are more complex than the post-secondary educational services industry. Consequently, we have developed a strategy to augment our transaction experience with the regulatory and operational expertise of sector specialists. We formed Liberty Higher Education, LLC in May 2005 and installed Timothy E. Foster as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Foster was most recently the Chairman and CEO of Ross University (sold to DeVry in 2003) and is instrumental in the evaluation, diligence, and oversight of our education-related opportunities.